Power Solution.

Power Solution

Be smart about it.

Whether you are looking for a solution in the workplace, retail space or at home, creating the right environment is essential for present day living.


Network performance and reliability are crucial factors when selecting a digital architecture. To avoid potential data loss, your electrical network must be able to ensure continuity should the main power supply fail. It should use a secure power supply, particularly for highly sensitive equipment in the workplace. We offer both cabling systems and UPS solutions to ensure you stay connected at all times.


South Africa’s per capita greenhouse gas emissions are currently the highest in Africa. Renewable energy sources and smart power should be priority factors when designing a new home, office or retail space. Concept Store offers energy efficient solutions to reduce overall power consumption


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Temperature management- Heating and air conditioning represent the largest consumption item in the home. By installing a programmable time switch you could save up to 12%. 

Lighting Management - By only using necessary light through automation, automatic switches could save  you up to 55% on lighting costs. Dimmers can save up to 58% on a compact fluorescent bulb with lighting dimmed to 25%.

Solar Power Connection Solutions- Enabling this renewable energy form in your home or office through a complete connection solution of inverters and boxes can have massive savings on your energy bill.

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