Networking and Infrastructure

Omni Africa Over the years we have achieved success and recognition in the IT Services sector by committing to our guiding principles. Our goal is to assist our clients in optimizing their business processes, with the aid of cutting edge technology. We achieve this through innovation, focus, consultation and by establishing an understanding of your business. Are you planning a new server room or data centre? Allow us to build your data centre .We aim to develop long term relationships that are mutually beneficial. Allow us to add value to your business. With the advent of advanced security solutions, allow us to secure your business. View products online or request a quote today.








Building Netework & infrastructure for a connected world


Your company’s network architecture and infrastructure are the key elements which allow the installation of hardware, application software, databases and communications. It is critical that the site survey process is completed successfully to allow all the other elements to function properly. Omni Africa can perform a detailed site survey.

●   Site Survey

●   RF Installations 

●   Network – System Design

●   Fiber Networks Cabling Installation and Certification

●   VSAT

●   Air Traffic Management







Omni Africa's Telecom division sells a wide range of Mobile Phone Antennas
(GSM, UMTS), for the Automotive Industry, W-LAN, WLL, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, TETRA/TETRAPOL, and PMR (Private Mobile Radio), Low Profle
antennas for Trains and Buses, products for Air Traffc Control systems,
Combiner Systems and RFID Systems(Radio Frequency Identifcation) .
Open Products Area of Telecom Section to see the whole catalogue
of antennas and accessories by Omni Africa.

●   Cellular Antennas

●   Private Mobile Radio (PMR)

●   Low-Profile antennas for train and buses

●   Air Traffic Control 

●   Automotive Antennas (CAR)

●   RFID Systems



Wireless Network Installation

Engineering Design and Business Services Wireless networks require optimization with the physical legacy network. The demarcation point is not the radio. Omni Africa performs all aspects of the wired and wireless system build-out. Omni Africa offers carrier-class switching equipment for carrier central office switched backbones. 

Construction and Project Management Services Wireless network design services and RF equipment commissioning are a small part of designing telecommunications networks. Towers and building rooftop sites must be procured for antenna placement, repeater sites and power.  provider with construction partners is essential. 

Air Traffic Management

Optimising air traffic management for reliable operational efficiency

Reliable air traffic management is reliant on human skill and leading edge technological expertise. We have worked hard to establish a credible reputation for cost-effective solutions development and implementation. Operating from our Johannesburg, Omni Africa Air Traffic Management (ATM) services civilian.

We specialize in:

   Ground-based air navigation

   Airport systems

    — Weather information systems

    — Airfield ground lighting

   Communication and recording systems

   Specialized fibre optic systems



Back Bone Network

   Microwave Radio Network


   High speed industrial date communication Network

   Satellite Network




Access Network

   Personal Mobile radio (VHF/UHF)

   Convention & Trunk (Analog and TETRA)

   Radio Paging System

   LAN & WAN

   PABX, VOIP & Hot Line

   Public Address and General Alarm (PA/GA)

   Aeronautical & Marine Radio Communications

   VHF Aeronautic radio

   VHF Marine radio

   Navigation & Navigational Aids systems


   Meteorological System

   None Directional Beacons




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