Retail and hospitality

In the competitive retail and hospitality industry, we know these businesses need point of sale (POS) systems that helps them meet customer expectations for fast, efficient, accurate service.

Omni Africa offers smart technology retail and hospitality solutions that assist your business to create a superior customer experience & help capture real-time data collected from all smart computing devices for business efficiency. We are the preferred supplier of retail, POS hardware and software solutions, POS peripherals and Mobile solutions. Everybody needs a smart technology partner, make Omni Africa yours.

GAAP Point of sale

Stock Management

Comprehensive stock management system including recipe explosions, manufacturing, portioning, weekly food cost and variances.

SMS Service

Convenient and cost effective way of receiving all your vital store information on a daily basis via SMS.

WEB Application

Avery powerful web based reporting tool that allows you access to all your store's information via a secure username and password login.

Enterprise Solution

A franchise management tool that maintains a central data base and is capable of store level lock-down. This is a very cost-effective of fering for big and small franchise groups.

Central Database Management

Menu item changes can be controlled centrally and sent down to store level for loading. These updates can either be forced or manually accepted at store level.

National Call-Centre

All GAAP customers have access to qualified technical support staff via our call-Centre 24/7/365. We have implemented sophisticated software to log and track all calls as well as perform remote support.

On-Site Support

Full-on-site technical support is available to all GAAP clients nationally.

Free Software Training

Unlimited classroom environment training sessions in our main centers ensure you get the most from your investment. These training sessions are held weekly by our training department.

Online Training Manuals

Extensive online training content covering every as pecto four software. These manuals are user-friendly and easily downloaded from our website.

Various Third Party Intergrations

GAAP has various third party integrations to products such as Mobile Payment, EFT switching, and Airtime Sales, Liquor Control systems, Loyalty Programs, Property Management systems and Accounting Packages amongst others


Products Offered