SkillsMap is a membership-based, complete end-to-end recruitment application that offers you direct access to top talent in Africa & abroad for exclusive positions within your company. Our discerning members are looking for careers that match their ambitions. They‘re the best and the brightest, and our role is to connect them with you.

Why SkillsMap?

The career profile of each candidate is meticulously pre-filtered to ensure maximum suitability, while our purpose-developed software eliminates the need for a recruitment agency by allowing you to manage your entire recruitment process. The result is an efficient, affordable and mutually beneficial system that places the continent’s highest performers just where you want them to be – on your team.

Recruitment today

The world of recruiting has undergone a massive change in focus from quantity to quality of hire. A crucial part of a company’s integrated talent management system and key to the success of the company as a whole, recruitment these days is all about filling positions with the best performing candidates at the most effective nett cost, maintaining and leveraging relationships, and embracing a more collaborative approach in the placement of talent. In the hunt for top candidates, the process is often expensive, time-consuming and admin-intensive.

  Recruiting is more about maintaining and leveraging relationships than advertising job postings

  Hiring managers should play a central and highly active role in the recruiting process

●  Recruiting is only one part of an integrated talent management system

The difference between average recruiting departments and exceptional ones, lies in the ability to fill positions with the best performing candidate at the most effective net cost of employment.

Using purpose-developed Web based software, SkillsMap allows you to manage your own recruitment process entirely – filtering candidates, consolidating data and tracking placements. Our integrated offering enables you to reach a broad candidate base throughout the African continent – at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the administration effort. SkillsMap is the first offering of its kind in the African market.