Sage X3


Sage X3 offers powerful functionality that can be configured to meet your unique way of doing business. Its flexible data model supports complex organisational deployment and reporting structures, simplifying management across multiple facilities, companies or business units, regions and countries from a commonly installed instance of the solution.

Adopt a faster, simpler, more flexible business management solution


Sage X3 runs your business faster than ever before, with a cohesive, enterprise-class solution to manage all of your core business processes – from purchasing to manufacturing, inventory management, sales, customer service, and financials – locally and internationally. It also accelerates collaboration and reporting and delivers realtime insight into all costs and operational performance.


Sage X3 is easy to use in a familiar Web browser and on mobile devices, giving you the freedom to work where you need. It is also simple to manage, and highly configurable to adapt to your unique processes, role, and preferences. Sage X3 is a versatile solution – use it as a service in the cloud and reduce demand on your in-house team to maintain the system, or deploy the solution on the infrastructure of your choice.


Sage X3 is ready for your industry. Built-in functionality for process manufacturing, manufacturing, distribution and services tasks, adjusts to accommodate your company’s unique rules and processes. It’s also easily scalable – so you’ll never run out of capacity again – and quickly adapts to your changing needs, growing with your business as you expand to new markets or geographies, and making it simple to manage a global business


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